Sara and Isabella in Honey
by Pied in the Face Productions
In this update, courtesy of Pied in the Face Productions, Sara and Isabella get nice and sticky with honey. They enter the shower wearing brightly-colored bikinis which are removed within minutes. After some touching and caressing, they break out the bottles of honey and squeeze them all over each other. Then there is lots of sticky touching, kissing, caressing, and even fingering and eating each other out. There is full coverage, including their faces and hair. Their perfect bodies look amazing, shining with honey, and you can hear the slippery sounds as they slide all over each other.

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Jessie Takes a Dip in a White Short Set
by Messmaster
This is a vintage photoshoot where the original Messy Jessie wades in a stream. She gets in slowly, showing us the transition from dry to wet, and even submerges underwater for some shots. After that, she gets out and poses in her wet short set for us.

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Taz Gets Messy!
by wetmessygirls.spiderotic.com
This scene starts out with Taz lying on her back, fully-nude, with pierced nipples. Then she crouches and a mysterious gloved hand pours a can of custard all over her back. She sits up and green and red custard gets poured all over her front. She looks at the camera seductively. Then it's yellow over the head! She writhes around a bit, then lies on her back for more green stuff to get poured over her naked stomach. Near the end, she crouches over again and strawberries are placed on her back.



Sam Splatt
by piefightgirls.com
From PiefightGirls.com comes Kym in Sam Splatt, Private Dick. She starts off in a beige skirt outfit, tan fishnet pantyhose, and a pink fuzzy neck adornment. She's nicely made-up, with bright red lipstick. After some dialogue with Sam, she's pummeled with all different-colored real pies with real crusts. She stays fully-clothed through the entire 8-minute scene.

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Tasha is Dominated!
by wamsexonline.com
Courtesy of Pied in the Face Productions' web site, wamsexonline.com, we have a very nasty, very naked, very raunchy video featuring cutiepie Tasha getting messy and dominated. Tons of chocolate and strawberry syrup, whipped cream, yellow pudding, and even green slime are used. Tasha masturbates throughout, and whenever the dominatrix pauses from splattering her with all sorts of slimy gunk, she gets down n dirty with Tasha, fingering her vigorously. This is head-to-toe, slippery top-notch xxx wam provided by wamsexonline.com. Check them out for more.

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Messy Louise
by wetmessygirls.spiderotic.com
Courtesy of wetmessygirls.spiderotic.com, we have naked Louise getting all messy. She starts nude, with her thin but bodacious body and large tits, pretty eyes, and pink lips. She smiles and squeals as cans of vanilla custard are poured over her shoulder and chest. Then she gets pink gook dribbled over her. After that, she empties a bottle of strawberry syrup all over. It's topped later with a whole can of whipped cream. Then we get a few minutes of her posing with her sloppy naked body, and close camera work following her hands as they glide all around her tits and everywhere else.

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Poodle Skirt Pie Party
by piefightgirls.com
Courtesy of Piefightgirls.com, Bobbi and Lois get really pied and really messy for us. Wearing pink half-weaters, black ascots, and of course poodle skirts, these two brunettes are all bouncy and smiley. They pretend to be "crazy French bimbos" with awful accents. After a few minutes of that, it's pie time. No real story line here, just lots and lots and lots of pie in the face! Halfway through, they get topless, only go get pied a bunch of times more!

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French Girl Pied and Gunged
by piefightgirls.com
Courtesy of piefightgirls.com, we have a redheaded French girl, Josie, getting pied and gunged.

The scene starts with her sitting, chillin, naked. She's a soft-bodied girl with a cute face, and shows us a few poses. Then she says with a French accent, "what are zees pies for?" Then she gets one right in the face. "You cannot do zis to me!" Then another pie. She says these single phrases and gets pies every time. After a whole bunch of various-colored pies, she gets chocolate gunge over the head, then a grand finale of all types of pies.

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