The Spy Pie Affair
by piefightgirls.com
Real B movie actress Nikki Burton is a pied Spy! She plays a master spy, Stephanie Powders. Stephanie meets her old nemesis Evil Dr. Serious. He pies her repeatedly and soaks her with water and gives her a huge sliming as well. It is a pretty funny script and hey kids …it has a legit plot. This movie is about 14 minutes long.

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Cherry Poppin
by Messmaster
A big ol' bucket of cherries and a fresh white iWam.com shirt to get messy. That's all Jersi needed to have fun this time. Of course the shirt comes off so she can get her white bra gooey and covered as well. After she rolls all around in it, she's plastered head to toe. We get a peek at her pierced nipple when she has a wardrobe malfunction. Enjoy!

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In the River in Red
by Messmaster
Another nostalgic trip to the lake where Jessie wore her red pants, tank top, and sandals. And don't forget the sunglasses. She even tried the rope swing which was actually up pretty high. Then she submerged herself, head to toe. She liked the feeling of her cool, wet clothes against her skin and that hot day. Hope you like this ol' set.

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Jessie Shampoos
by Messmaster
Okay, this is a picture set from way back in the day that I decided to put up. One of Jessie's first shoots for Jessiewam, she gets wet in the shower with her jeans and white shirt on. Then she shampoos her hair with a big ol' bottle of kids Cool Melon shampoo. After giving us some poses and rinsing off, she towels off. Those were the days!

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The Lucky Bachelorette
by piefightgirls.com
Watch this parody of a dating game where the bachelorette is so full of herself that a whole lot of "bachelors" pie her in the face. At the end she gets hit in the face with a huge trash can lid of shaving cream. The editing is rough, but it's great watching Spanish Nikki get so plastered. This update comes from piefightgirls.com

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Serving Sasha
by pievids.com
From pievids.com comes this yummy video of butt-naked redhead sasha getting extremely plastered with cakes, chocolate, caramel, and pies. This one should satisfy the big-boob lovers out there. When you're done watching this one, check out pievids.com.

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That Girl is Smoking
by pievids.com
Witness Nikita in a tantalizing smoking / pie fetish video. It's the classic "snooty lady smoking from a long cigarette and then getting pied" scenario. This redhead wears shiny pink lingerie and smokes until a pie hits her in the face, and she keeps on smoking like nothing ever happened. She gets plastered with dozens of pies and keeps on smoking and enjoying it. Her top comes down at one point and her boobs get covered. This video is courtesy of pievids.com, so check them out for more vids like this one!

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Pink Dress in the Pool
by Messmaster
Here is another vintage update from JessiWam.com. Jessie wears her pink dress with thong and no bra, and when that pink dress gets wet, it gets pretty darn see-thru. Feel the cool water with her as she splish-splashes around!

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